Our Breeding Aims:

Our aim is to produce high quality, versatile, pure bred Connemara ponies from famous old bloodlines with nice heads, free movement and good bone with correct confirmation and temperament to match, making them easy to train in any discipline

We want to:-

  1. Retain the inherent genetic factors responsible for the abundant resilient bone.
  2. Maintain the bio-diversity of the gene pool by concentrating on the less popular “outcross lines” where critical evaluation is essential within a spirit of tolerance. 

Breed Description:

The Connemara is famous for being hardy and sure-footed, and no surprise. The breed evolved on the rocky coast of western Ireland, where it had to develop an ability to move quickly across rough terrain. The sometimes harsh Irish weather and unforgiving landscape helped develop a breed that is resilient and adaptable, and today's Connemara is valued for all of these qualities.

The normal breeding pony should be 128cms. to 148cms.


The Connemara "Stands on short legs, covering a lot of ground". The cannon bone is short, dense, flat and clean, measuring 7 to 9 inches below the knee. The body is deep and compact, well-balanced with depth, substance and good heart room. The Connemara has a good sloping shoulder, length of rein, and moves freely with little knee action in surprisingly large strides for its height. On this strong, sturdy body sets a handsome pony head, with a well-defined jaw and good width between large kindly eyes.

The Connemara has a natural jumping ability, and its rectangular build lends it suitable for dressage. They often beat horses 16 hands and over with staying power, intelligence and heart. As a show jumperworking huntereventer, for pleasure ridingendurancedriving or showing they are a suitable size for all the family to ride.

Connemara’s are so versatile, and with their gentle, trusting, honest and willing attitude can be your best friend! Easy keepers, they definitely do not require a rich diet to stay healthy and fit.

The normal breeding pony should be 128cms. to 148cms.


Recognized colours are greybay, brown (genetically, a darker variant of bay), and dun, with some roans, and occasional blackchestnut, or palominoPintopatterns, called piebaldand skewbaldby the Connemara registry, are not acceptable for registration. 

Connemara ponies also can be cremello in colour known as a Blue Eyed Cream.

Our Commitment

We at Loguestown are privileged to have been involved with Irish Draught Horses and Connemara Ponies for over 20 years and successfully breeding Connemara ponies since 2004. Over the years we have had success all over Ireland in in-hand showing classes, winning National Championships and numerous show Championships and Breed Championships with both the Irish Draughts and the Connemaras. This year we have begun working hunter classes with our youngsters..

  • At Loguestown all our Connemara ponies live outdoors in as natural an environment as possible.
  • All have been carefully selected for pedigree, type, conformation, movement and temperament.
  • We cross our quality mares to top class Stallions to ensure that only the best Connemara ponies are bred from and then they in turn breed high quality stock.
  • Youngstock are well fed, regularly wormed, trimmed and handled from birth using “Imprint Training” a method developed in the USA. to produce well balanced, useful ponies.
  • It is up to the ponies’ ability and inherent traits which discipline it will be suited for. We have a great team, led by my daughter Lynsey, who can recognise these traits and develop them to the best of their ability.

We invite you to take some time and browse our website, listings of our current stock, gallery of past stock and see what we have been up to over the years. Feel free to contact us, we don’t mind if you just want a chat or some information on Connemaras or even where you might find a pony to suit you if we don’t have one. We do occasionally have quality Connemara ponies for sale.

Our policy is that success breeds success which has worked in the past and will work in the future.