Our Connemaras

Below is a list of the connemaras currently at Loguestown.

Connemara Mares

Derratha Pearl
Derratha Pearl (Pearl)
13.3hh Dun Connemara Mare (M1 11898)
Born 1997
Loguestown Papaver
Loguestown Papaver (Poppy)
14.0hh Grey Connemara Mare (M0020857)
Born 2008
Loguestown's Heart of Gold
Loguestown's Heart of Gold (Petra)
13.3 hh Bay Connemara Mare (M1 0023863)
Born 2010
Carnaween Mist
Carnaween Mist
146cm Brown Connemara Mare (M1 372100400024165)
Born 2010

Connemara Geldings

Loguestown Misty Don
Loguestown Misty Don (Marty)
15.2hh Grey Connemara Gelding
Born 2009

Other Stock

Carnaween Belle
Carnaween Belle (Cora)
Grey Connemara Filly
Born 2013
Loguestown Irish Cream
Loguestown Irish Cream (Bailey)
Connemara Colt
Born 23rd June 2016