Marty gets his woman!

Marty is back in work and we have refreshed his knowledge of what a saddle and bridal are! He had been just sat on over the winter so we went back to basics again briefly to remind him what was expected of him. We now have him saddled up and after "the alien had landed" we put a real jockey on and things went well. Lynsey and Fiona are now ready to continue his education over the summer and hope to go to a few small shows.

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Loguestown Misty Don (Marty)
15.2hh Grey Connemara Gelding, born 2009.
Written on: Monday, 18th June 2012
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One of the team - Trainer and rider at Logusetown
I have only started to learn how to break horses in riding and get help from Fiona and others with more experience, when needed. So far all our ponies have been successful under saddle and we hope this continues in the future.