RDS here we come

Dublin horse show had been in our sights since the beginning of the year and the time had finally come to pack up and go.The trip down was uneventful but once we found the entrance gate it was all go. The hour window for getting pony tack etc. sorted was grand and after a rest it was tack up time and off to get our bearings of the showgrounds. The warm up went well, the arenas were quiet and it was great to rehearse the route for the 8 am. 4/5 year-old class in the morning. Poppy took all in her stride and was not phased by any of the goings on and noise. Back to the stable for a tidy up and rest for us all.
Thursday morning went in a flash and suddenly we were at ring side and Poppy sorted and ready to go. The group show and the individual show went well for Lynsey she rode superbly and got all the transitions.The in-hand phase was easy for Poppy, she knew the routine and Lynsey did a great job getting her to almost smile!! The result was met with great adulation from the crowd, Poppy and Lynsey were second in the biggest class of their lives. Great reward for years of hard work and training by Lynsey. FANTASTIC

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Loguestown Papaver (Poppy)
14.1hh Grey Connemara Mare, born 2008. (M0020857)
Written on: Wednesday, 7th August 2013
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One of the team - Trainer and rider at Logusetown
I have only started to learn how to break horses in riding and get help from Fiona and others with more experience, when needed. So far all our ponies have been successful under saddle and we hope this continues in the future.