Petra and Poppy are measured

On Sunday 19th January we loaded Poppy and Petra and headed to Connell Hill for the SJAI measurements. We returned with Poppy measured as 14hh, which is no bigger than her last measurement and Petra measured as 13.3hh. We were impressed with how both mares behaved considering they had just been taken out of the field from their long and continuing winter break. We are looking forward to returning to competitions again in the summer but for now that seems a long time away.

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Loguestown Papaver (Poppy)
14.1hh Grey Connemara Mare, born 2008. (M0020857)
Loguestown's Heart of Gold (Petra)
13.3 hh Bay Connemara Mare, born 2010. (M1 0023863)
Written on: Sunday, 19th January 2014
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