Pearl has a bay filly foal

Pearl has done us proud once again and produced a superb bay filly foal (called Petra) by Murphy's Oscar. It was the usual format with her foals, up in 15minutes and off round the stable as fast as she could! She was a bit reluctant to suck at first but thanks to the patience and determination of Judith and Lynsey she soon got the idea that she had to turn her head to suck!! She now is halter broken and walks in and out to the field with her mum. She is an absolute sweetie and will not be going near any stud farms this year! Well done team Loguestown :)

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Derratha Pearl (Pearl)
13.3hh Dun Connemara Mare, born 1997. (M1 11898)
Written on: Tuesday, 25th May 2010
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