Poppy pops!

Poppy had her last outing before her winter break at a x country/ showjumping "go as you please". She was not phased by all the hustle and bustle of a busy livery yard and a new arena experience. She jumped ditches and water trays, up and down banks then a few cross poles for good measure! She loved it and as usual applied herself to the task in her own cool unflustered way with ears forward and going forward. We look forward with anticipation to next spring when the training begins in earnest.
Thanks to Fiona and Lynsey who have worked hard over the summer to get all the youngsters a bit of riding experience.

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Loguestown Papaver (Poppy)
14.1hh Grey Connemara Mare, born 2008. (M0020857)
Written on: Wednesday, 14th September 2011
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One of the team - Trainer and rider at Logusetown
I have only started to learn how to break horses in riding and get help from Fiona and others with more experience, when needed. So far all our ponies have been successful under saddle and we hope this continues in the future.