Poppy says anything you can do I can do better!

Poppy rose to the challenge of her little sister Petra today by winning two classes at Ballymoney. She won both the combined Connemara class and the mixed M&M class, then crowned a great day by winning the M&M Championship. This only gave her one Championship as there was no Connemara Championship and Petra got two so it is a draw and family rivalry moves on. Pearl is a proud mum!

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Derratha Pearl (Pearl)
13.3hh Dun Connemara Mare, born 1997. (M1 11898)
Loguestown Papaver (Poppy)
14.1hh Grey Connemara Mare, born 2008. (M0020857)
Loguestown's Heart of Gold (Petra)
13.3 hh Bay Connemara Mare, born 2010. (M1 0023863)
Written on: Saturday, 4th June 2011
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